ISP – Internet Service Provider

n. An organization that provides various services for connecting to and interacting with the internet. ISPs can be organized in different forms such as commercial, non profit and community-owned, and privately owned. Internet services provided by ISPs include internet access, domain name registration, and web hosting.

IP Address

n. A name assigned to each device within a network that uses internet protocol (IP) for communication. An IP address has two main functions: to network interface identification and to locate the address. IP addresses are used to digitally indicating where something is.


n.  A computer system that uses internet protocol (IP) technology to share important information with an organization. It refers to the organization’s internal website and may be made up of many local area networks. Overall, the goal is organize each person’s desktop with minimal cost, time, and...

IOT – Internet of Things

n. The interconnection of computing devices within the internet. The IOT offers a variety of applications and protocols. There are many devices in the IOT such as biochip transponders often used for animals, smart thermostats, and wearables such as Google Glass.

IS – Impression Share

n. The percentage of ads that are shown in relation to competitors with similar keywords (i.e. 1000 impressions per day divided by 2000 people searching for the target keywords amounts to a 50% IS.)


v. Each time an object is viewed within a SERP but not necessarily clicked on or “clicked through.” In terms of digital marketing, an ad impression is counted when an ad is displayed and viewed through a website or appears within a SERP. Cost-per-impression is used to...

Inbound links

A link into a website from another website. SEO places a priority on receiving “follow” inbound links, rather than “nofollow” inbound links, as the latter does not generally directly impact the value of a site as perceived by the search engine algorithms.

Internet Yellow pages (IYPs)

Electronic or interactive versions of Yellow Pages directories that allow on-line search for local listings. Examples include,,, etc.

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