HTTP – HyperText Transfer Protocol

n. The protocol used by the World Wide Web. HTTP shows how messages are formatted and transmitted and what actions servers and browsers need to take to respond to commands (i.e. when you enter a URL in your browser this sends HTTP a command to the server...

HTML – HyperText Markup Language

n. The standard markup language used to create web pages. It is written in HTML elements of tags and angle brackets. Web browsers can read HTML files and make them into visible and audible web pages. HTML dictates the structure of a website along with cues for...


n. An HTML attribute that defines the document to which the link leads. This can be a web page, a location on the same server, or any kind of document stored on another server. You can also reference a document relative to the website’s root by using...


n. A searchable, unspaced keyword or phrase used in social media that is preceded by a pound sign, and acts as a tag to reference a topic. There are popular categories corresponding to days of the week, pop culture, trending topics, etc. An example is: #ThrowbackThursday or...


n. Any computer that has two-way access to other computers on the internet. A host usually has a specific host number that, added to the network number, makes a unique IP address. Generally a host provides services to other devices or programs.


n. A trap used to counteract attempts of unauthorized use of information systems. A honeypot consists of three parts; a computer, data, and a website that is a part of a network. This network is actually monitored and is used to reel in potential attackers. Two or...


n. A character sequence consisting of a number sign and an exclamation mark which is always at the beginning of a script (Ex. #!). Also known as “shabang”or “pound-bang.”

H1/H2/H3 Tags

n. Heading elements that denote section headings. Header HTML tags are important because they assist formatting and provide information on the hierarchy of any document. H1-H6 headings improve a websites standing in the eyes of search engines.

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