FTP – File Transfer Protocol

n. A standard network protocol used to transfer large files from one host to another, using a network like the internet. An FTP can act as online storage and even provide direct access to your website.  It is built on a client server architecture and uses different data...

Front End

n. The front end of an application is what the user is seeing and interacting with (i.e. when you visit Google and see the main web page with visuals, this is the front-end.)


n.  A reusable software environment used to develop software applications and product solutions. A framework contains the building blocks for a program, and is there to serve as an area to support applications and high-level coding.


n. A mobile-first responsive framework that allows users to build their websites using a grid-based system. As an open-source product, developers are able to contribute to the improvement of the program.


n. The word “Foo” is usually used by programmers to refer to a variable. See also “widget.”


v. A timing pattern that allows ad campaigns to be run in intervals. The intervals are separated by periods in which no advertising messages appear for the advertising item. Any time that an ad runs it is in “flight”.


n. A software used to create vector graphics and animation programs. Most commonly used on the web because of the way it can display graphics. However, due to the large files it creates, flash is becoming less commonly used on websites because it doesn’t load well on...

Follow/Nofollow attribute

Every link is determined to be either a follow link or a nofollow link. This designation indicates whether the link should pass along value to the destination page. Common uses for nofollow links are those included in blog comments. Spammers often try to leverage the strong PageRank...

Framed sites/pages

A website or webpage that is divided into sections, each having its own vertical and/or horizontal scroll bars. SEO best practices dictate that frames should be avoided when possible. Learn more.

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