n. An open source software application that can be used by anyone who is looking to create and manage different types of websites. The application has a content management platform and development framework. Drupal can be used for many different thing such as blogs, personal websites, forums,...


n. A 100% cloud based self-storage software solution. Using the cloud is an easy solution, for data storage is accessible anywhere at anytime through the internet.


n. A hardware device that is attached to a computer and software program that prevents unauthorized use. Dongle is also known as a wireless adapter or a device that can be plugged into a USB port to enable wireless access through Wi-Fi.


n. A group of computers and devices on a network that are administered together with common rules and procedures. A domain is a place to group devices to easily manage them, such as user accounts and shared folders.

DNS – Domain Name System

n. The naming system for computers or servers. It assigns different networks with differentiating domain names and is used primarily by users as a directory to look up different networks. In other terms, DNS is used as a phone book for the internet by using easy host...

Display Page

n. This is the URL displayed on an ad to identify the website being advertised to users. The point of the display URL is to give users a clear idea of which website they’ll be taken to when they click on the ad. The display URL is...


v. In terms of digital marketing, to disavow is to denote that search engine spiders should not pay attention to specific websites linking to your website.

Daily Cap

n.  The maximum amount a cap has the ability to spend per day.  Google’s policy allows this level to be up to 10% above your settings as exact Cost Per Click cannot be estimated in any user search.

DA – Domain Authority

n. The overall power of a domain name including search engine ranking factors such as age, popularity, and size. Domain authority is a useful metric in which to consider the quality of a given website.

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