Google Introduces Image Extensions to AdWords


Image extensions are the latest ad extensions that Google has added to its AdWords repertoire. Image extensions are exactly what they sound like; you are now able to add several images to your search...

Using Google Retargeting

Using Google Retargeting to Retain Previous Customers

Google Retargeting


Google Retargeting is a service that gives you a chance to recapture potential customers after they leave your website. With Retargeting, you can also continue to advertise other products and services to previous customers. Google Retargeting is one of...

Google Analytics Real Time Conversions

Google Analytics Unveils New Features

The ever-improving Google Analytics unveiled some exciting new features in June that will improve key components like conversion tracking, mobile analytics management and filtering.

What are the changes?

Google Analytics has introduced four big changes:  

1. Tag manager for mobile and...

On Target

Are You On Target?

As I mentioned in my last post, focus is extremely important for successful marketing. The follow-up to that is targeting. You can be focused, but on the wrong things. You have to ensure you are focused on the right target. You...

Example of Google Enhanced Campaigns

Google Enhanced Campaigns

In June of this year, Google will be changing yet again. This time, it will be altering both how we target our customers and the way we use Google to do it. Google is calling these changes “Enhanced Campaigns”, but are...

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