An ecommerce sports and lifestyle company wanted to increase sales. Since they do not have any physical locations, their online marketing strategy has a big impact on overall sales.

Go Local saw the opportunity to enhance their SEO, social media, paid search, and email marketing efforts as well as increase mobile sales by creating a mobile friendly website.

Social Media


The Social Media team created an enhanced social media strategy to raise engagement, reach, and followers. Strategies include:


881,662 more Facebook users reached (73% increase year over year)

Search Engine Optimization


The SEO team implemented best on-site SEO practices to help increase organic website traffic. Strategies include:


294,636 more organic visitors (44% increase year over year) and 78% increase in organic revenue.

SEO Campaign Results

Organic Visitors Revenue from Organic Traffic

2013     2014

Paid Search


The Paid Media team implemented an as-needed paid search campaign to drive high quality clicks and minimize media cost. Strategies include:


6.4 to 1 ratio for revenue earned to media spent.

Email Marketing


The Email Marketing team found several key opportunities to optimize the company’s email marketing strategy and implemented a variety of tactics to increase list size and overall revenue. Strategies include:

To learn more about the email marketing strategy check out the case study here.


661% increase in email revenue year over year.

Web Development


The Web Development team saw the opportunity to increase the site’s transactions and revenue with the creation of a mobile friendly website. They began building a new user-friendly site which included:

To learn more about the web development strategy check out the case study here.


183% more transactions, 124% increase in revenue from a mobile device, and 116% increase in mobile conversion rate.

Mobile Strategy Results

Conversion Rate Revenue Transactions

2013     2014

As a result of the integrated online marketing campaign and success of all products they experienced:



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