How to Rank for a Local Search Term

During my time at the Self Storage Association Conference earlier this month, I was asked on multiple occasions what it takes to rank for a local search term.  During my Thursday morning coffee talk, the question was brought up two...

Are You On Target?

As I mentioned in my last post, focus is extremely important for successful marketing. The follow-up to that is targeting. You can be focused, but on the wrong things. You have to ensure you are focused on the right target. You...

Where are You Going?

Do you have a goal?  Do you have a destination?  Are you wandering aimlessly?  Is there some method to your madness?

Think about these questions from a marketing perspective.  Are you running marketing campaigns without goals in mind?

What are you trying to...

Effort Wins the Day

I have been thinking quite a bit about effort today.  I considered writing a blog post that says “effort beats ability every time”.  The problem with that statement is that it does not always hold up as true.  There are times...

Get Started!

Newton pointed out in his first law of motion, a body at rest tends to stay at rest.  Humans are no exception and tend to follow this rule to the letter.

Do you have trouble getting started?  Are you looking at a...

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